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Our tattoo artists mainly work 'custom'.

This means that a unique, tailor-made drawing will be designed for you.

We do not work with flash sheets or tattoo sample books.

However, our artists will each draw their own motifs and patterns and may or may not also make them available for tattoos.

Our tattoo artists each have their own distinctive style, in which they have their own strength.

We will ensure that you end up with the person whose expertise best suits your needs.

There will always be a conversation with you in order to visualize the wishes regarding the tattoo to be applied as specifically as possible.

If you have brought your own motif, we will look at its usability and the authenticity of the image.

Is it something designed by or for yourself, if possible, it is not necessary to change anything if you are completely satisfied with the image.

However, if it is an image found on the internet or elsewhere, our artists will use it as reference material to design something new, specifically for you.

There are two reasons for this:​

  • Firstly, we would like to keep the credit to ourselves and not just use someone else's work.
    In addition to the fact that stealing motifs is disrespectful to the artist, it is also disrespectful to the customer who has it on his or her body. It might as well be a tattoo specially designed for that person.

  • Secondly, we stand for quality and originality.
    We want to make this presentable in our work, so also by designing as much as possible ourselves and thus generating a unique piece of art for each customer.

Of course, this design takes some time. This time is not charged extra but is a service.

However, a deposit is required from you if you agree to the design of a drawing and make an appointment to be tattooed. This deposit is always settled with the last session.

This means that the amount paid will be deducted from the remaining amount or hourly rate.

Also, a deposit will not be refunded if it has already been designed for you.

If it happens that you cannot come to your appointment on the agreed date, this can be postponed in good consultation. You must take into account the 'term of notice' indicated by the artist. Normally this will be 2 days / 48 hours. The well-being of our customers is of paramount importance, which is why we work aseptically as possible, using only approved materials and equipment.

We will also explain everything to you before and during the procedure and provide you with extensive written aftercare instructions afterwards.


We do not tattoo people under the age of 18, not even with the permission or presence of parents / guardians.

This is because we believe that the physical development of a person at 16 is far from complete.

If a tattoo is desired at this age, it is definitely worth the wait.

We are open to all questions, you can reach us by email, by phone or via social media.

We cannot give a quote via email or social media, so always come by.

Visiting is always the best way, personal contact works better to get a good feeling about the entire procedure.

We look forward to seeing you at the studio!


Conscious Tattooing

We love our planet on which we are allowed to live and want to treat it as respectfully as possible, which is why we try to reduce the ecological footprint in our procedures as consciously as possible.



We use as little plastic as possible and when we use it, it is 100% recycled.

All our bottle bags, machine bags and sleeves are plant-based:

100% biodegradable and sustainable.



Our aftercare products contain no animal products and the packaging can be fully recycled.

This is never at the expense of functionality and only benefits it!



We adopt a vegan lifestyle and we extend this into our way of working:

Our entire line of inks as well as our gloves, stencil paper and other products we use during the procedures contain no animal ingredients.

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