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Which piercings do we do?

Simply put: everything we think works on your anatomy.

Most placements are possible, but it varies from person to person whether their anatomy is suitable for this.

Other factors such as hobbies, lifestyle, work, school, pets, etc. can also influence this.

That is why you always first have a consultation with the piercer to see what your preferences are and how that is possible on your body, always in consultation and consent.

We want to make sure that the piercing you want is also a suitable choice for you and your lifestyle.


We are the first piercing studio in the Netherlands that exclusively works with internal screw thread and threadless jewelry.

This for several reasons:

  • The jewelry is polished by hand and a 'mirror finish' smooth jewelry ensures better drainage of wound fluid and therefore a comfortable and fast healing.

  • With internally threaded / threadless jewelry you have a smooth passage through the skin, so that no unnecessary trauma is administered and tissue remains intact.

  • Because a screw thread or pin is placed at an end, you do not lose any space, so that ends can be finished better and are always set with full stone settingswithoutglue.

  • Our jewelry is guaranteed to be implantable, so an ASTM F-136 for titanium.

  • Internally screwed/threadless ensures that ends stay in place better and more firmly and you therefore have less chance of losing your ends.

Photo credit byA. J. Goldman

Photo credit byJoeltron

Conscious piercing:

We love the planet we are allowed to live on and want to treat it as respectfully as possible, which is why we consciously try to reduce the ecological footprint in our procedures.



We use as little plastic as possible and when we use it, it is 100% recycled.

Even our jewelry bags are made of sugar cane:

100% biodegradable and sustainable.



Our aftercare products contain no animal products and the packaging can be fully recycled.

This is never at the expense of functionality and only benefits it!



We adopt a vegan lifestyle and we extend this into our way of working:

Our entire jewelry collection as well as our gloves, disinfectants and other products we use during the procedures do not contain any animal ingredients.

We work exclusively by appointment.
For an appointment, email the studio and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
The last piercing is accepted one hour before closing.

Procedures are only performed from the age of 16.
Partly for this reason, take a valid proof of identity with you at all times.

We never pierce cartilage in both ears in 1 session to prevent unnecessary complications during healing.


When it comes to piercing prices, we do it as follows;

The price will be based on basic piercing costs (piercing fee) and the cost of your chosen piece of jewelry will also be added.


We do this for several reasons:

Everyone has a different taste and preference when it comes to jewelry.

You are not tied to “standards”, so you can combine everything: type, colour, stone setting, material.

You have everything under control, so you clearly know where you stand in terms of jewelry and price.

If you have a nice end on a piece of jewelry that is longer due to swelling, then you do not have to purchase a complete piece of jewelry, but only what can be smaller, which in turn saves costs.


With us you will not read or hear 'popular' names for piercings, instead we use the correct anatomical terminology for that place.

So you will not find "snake bites", which are 2 lip piercings on both sides, for example.

If you are looking for a certain piercing and its name is not listed, please contact us so that we can inform you properly.

The question “how expensive is a piercing?” is therefore completely dependent on your choice of jewelry.

Since we have a wide range of jewelry in the studio, prices can vary greatly.

The prices mentioned below are therefore the costs to get pierced,without jewelry.

Let us know what you like or would like and let us inform you about all the possibilities!


Jewellery not included:
Standard Earlobe: €40,-
Horizontal Earlobe: €40,-
Larger Size Ear Lobe: from €40,-
Helix: €40,-
Scapha: €40,-
Forward Helix: €40,-
Tragus: €40,-
Anti-Tragus: €40,-
Anti-Helix [Snug]: €40,-
Fold of the Helix [Daith]: €40,-
Conch: €40,-
Industrial: €45,-
Vertical Industrial: €45,-


Jewellery not included:
Nostril: €40,-
High Nostril: €40,-
Septum: €40,-

Nose bridge: €40,-

Face & Oral:
Jewellery not included:
Lip: €40,-
Tongue: €40,-
Eyebrow: €40,-

Body piercing:
Jewellery not included:
Navel: €40,-
Nipple: €40,-

€5,- plus purchase of jewellery.

Dermal punch:
Depending on the size and choice of jewellery:
Starting from: €45,-

Price changes or price errors may be subject to change.

No rights can be derived.

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